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With the World Cup rapidly receding I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the tournament (I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but busyness and sickkness has prevented much blogging). There were some very dramatic games and very dramatic moments in the tournament and as I watched the tournament unfold it became clear to me that regardless of how well you play as a team football is without doubt a game of chances – you take your chances and you win, you fail to take your chances and you lose.

Take Australia for example. Australia just missed out on qualification to the round of 16 and we all bemoan their lack of progress. Yet there were two significant chances not taken by the Australians which would have made a massive difference. Luke Wilkshire missed a glorious chance late on against Ghana and had that chance gone in, the whole tournament would have been different – rather than a draw against Ghana, Australia might have won and possibly been in a position to go through to the next round.

Or in the Serbia game, Josh Kennedy popped a shot agonisingly wide when Australia were 2-0 up. That chance would have made it 3-0 and Australia could have possibly achieved the impossible and overcome an enormous goal difference differential. Yet the chance was missed, Australia conceded at the other end and went out.

Or take the final itself. Spain won, and deservedly so, yet the Netherlands had glorious chances to win the game.

It shows quite simply football is a game of chances. You take your chances you win, you don’t take your chances you end up wondering what might have been (like we do here in Australia).


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