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Just to take a short break from our Christmas Island refugee series to show you our new number plates! As we now live in Melbourne we got our car registered recently at Vicroads and we had to hand in our NSW plates. We now have Victorian numberplates – so we’re Victorians now.

Some photos of our new numberplates on our little car…


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We just received notification that 3 parcels just arrived for us on Christmas Island! We know that these parcels were sent in early December – so they took 3 and a half months to arrive!!! We know one of these parcels was sent from Perth (some 1400km from Christmas Island), so the average speed of this parcel was some 14km per day. We could have walked it faster (although walking across the Indian ocean with a parcel under your arm would be quite a mighty achievement!).

The frustrating thing is that we know of another 3 parcels which have yet to arrive!!! Who knows when they’ll arrive. Maybe in time for Christmas this year!!

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Sydney trip

After staying put for a month or so, we packed our bags and headed off on another trip. We came to Sydney and then off to Geurie for our neice’s baptism/christening (Caitlin). It was a bit of a mad trip, but we returned safely yesterday.

The main reason for our trip is Rob’s graduation, which is tonight (15/3). Rob will graduate from Moore Theological College with a Bachelor of Divinity.

We head back to Melbourne tomorrow where we can start getting our lives into a more consistent routine.

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Safe and sound

A quick post to say we’ve returned to the mainland. We’re still not sure what city we’re in or what timezone we’re in but we’re starting to adjust.

After leaving Christmas Island we flew to Perth, then flew to Sydney, then some time in the Blue Mountains with Rob’s parents before a train to Geurie (near Dubbo) for time with Di’s parents and then a train back to the Blue Mountains and another plane to Melbourne – all in 9 days!! We were very disoriented for a while.

However, now we have a slightly better idea of which day of the week it is, which city we’re in (we’re now in Melbourne) and what timzone we’re in. We will update more details soon, but we’re all in Melbourne safe and sound at the moment.

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we’re going

Even though we would love to stay and there are great things we can do here on Christmas Island, we have already committed to Melbourne so that’s where we’re going. And apart from that our poll said we should go and who are we to argue? Today we actually secured a house in Melbourne to rent. It belongs to a friend of a friend’s father so we’re getting a good deal on the rent.  It will be compact for us – there’s 2 bedrooms, a living room and a dining room we can use as a bedroom, meaning our dining table will be in the kitchen. But it’s got a sunroom for the kids to play in, a big backyard AND a front yard – all safely enclosed. It’s also walking distance to a playground, kindergarten (pre-school), primary school and shops. For Rob, it’s a short walk to a tram that takes him to the city door-to-door in half an hour or so. So it’s an answer to prayer. We’ve managed to organise a suitable place to rent over 5000 km away without any real hassle.

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