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Our trip continued as we left land and began our trip to Antarctica. We were sailing into open sea…

Monday 22nd January 2001

Got woken up, I didn’t sleep as well, I got very hot overnight in my sleeping bag.

Had breakfast and then did a couple of jobs on deck and we prepared to leave.

We had a briefing and then left Chile at around 8:4am. My stay in Chile had been brief – very similar to my day trip to Malaysia a couple of years ago.

We sailed off from Puerto Williams (with the engine on). Again the morning’s sail was very pleasant. We put up the mainsail and motored down the Beagle Channel.

We practised a man overboard drill. I was on the helm at the time, so I had to steer the boat right around into the wind. At that time the wind was quite gusty (25Kn) so it made the drill a bit ‘exciting’.

Then we took it easy for a bit. Then Mark got us onto our watches – our first taste for the sailing. I was on Watch 1 with Brenda and Lynn until 1pm.

We started our watch, another group went and made lunch and another group sat in the doghouse. We sailed down the Beagle Channel.

Mike was our watch leader and we put a couple of reefs in the mainsail, which was quite dramatic. I copped a wave in the face as well, which was amusing for some.

The watch was quite dramatic at that point with a 25Kn wind and us on deck. But we were under control and we sat back and enjoyed the scenery for a bit.

The hills became lower and there was less snow. We gradually left the craggy snow capped peaks behind and the passage became wider.

We had lunch which was excellent. Spaghetti + salad + sauce. It was great. I ate that up in the doghouse. Then the rest of the team went on watch and I had free time, so I wrote in here.

It is a glorious day, we have seen hundreds of birds, the wildlife is excellent. The channel hasn’t been too rough but we haven’t actually hit the Drake Passage yet. We should be there fairly soon, then the big seas begin.

Sat around on deck for a bit and seas remained quite choppy. The joviality and jokes began slowing down as people began to feel a bit queasy.

I was feeling quite fine sitting in the doghouse. I was quite enjoying it.

However I had to go down to the toilet and start thinking about dinner. Lynn and I went down and it was hard to get about. Going to the toilet was a bit of an adventure.

But then I started feeling a bit crook. I sat up in the doghouse again.

Pip had won the sea-sickness competition and others were following suit. I felt worse and worse and eventually I had to get the bucket and I saw my spaghetti and mince again!

I then went and crawled to my bed. I felt pretty bad and I lay there. It was around 5pm. Dinner was a long way from being ready, in fact I think I’d be lucky to make my watch at 7pm.

Andres also came to bed and I threw up again. It was a pretty awful experience.

I definitely wasn’t going to make my shift at 7pm, in fact out of Brenda, Lynn and myself – only Lynn was able to do the shift. Marcus helped out.

It got a bit rough as well. We had some large gusts of wind – one gust got up to 42 knots! It was pretty windy and the boat rocked a lot.

Sea-sickness was bad, I just felt sick and like I didn’t want to do anything. I felt so lethargic. I did get some sleep though.


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